What is Belting and How to Belt Your Singing Voice

What is Belting and How to Belt Your Singing Voice

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  • by Joe Vivion Posted June 12, 2019 10:05 am

    matt is so bad ass. these articles are gold. I dig the mum exercise bc its challenging and as it says, closest to real singing

    • by Matt Ramsey Posted June 12, 2019 10:36 am

      Thanks Joe! Yes, the “Mum” works so well for you because it reduces some of the strain.
      Keep up the great work!

  • by Jennifer kittinger Loss Posted September 15, 2020 6:18 pm

    Hi Matt, After many years performing professionally as a classical singer (opera and concert), as a teacher I find myself teaching my high schoolers to belt, because that’s what they sometimes do in their musicals. I very occasionally belted a note a few steps above middle c for emphasis, depending on the emotion of the moment, but never ever belted higher! I understand the voice and good technique, yet needed some concrete ways to talk about belting with my students, and some specific exercises for them. Your article is quite excellent, and i’ll be putting it to use today WIth one of my students on zoom. Thanks!

    • by Matt Ramsey Posted September 17, 2020 10:42 am

      Hey Jennifer, I’m so glad that you found them helpful! Let me know if you need any pointers.

  • by Helen Posted January 19, 2021 9:00 pm

    Hi Matt, thanks for these exercises, very helpful! I have a question for you. When doing these exercises, are you trying to stay in your chest voice for the whole exercise? Or is it ok to switch into your mixed or head voice when it feels like your voice wants to switch? It’s those notes right around the break (B4, C5, D5 for me) where I’m not quite sure what to do.

    • by Matt Ramsey Posted January 26, 2021 8:22 am

      Hey Helen, you’re looking for a “belty mix”!

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