Master Your Voice
​Expand Your Range, Hit High Notes without Falsetto and Gain Control of Your Voice


Master Your Voice is an online vocal course for students who wish to learn on their own or supplement our live classes. More than 60 online singing lessons and personalized help whenever you need it.

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Want to expand your vocal range, hit high notes with power and gain control of your voice?

​No matter whether you've been ​singing for 20 years or just love to sing karaoke, Master Your Voice will help you achieve your goals.

What You'll ​Learn:


​Hit high notes without breaking or straining


​Optimize your body for better vocal tone and clarity


​Breath control: how to breathe correctly for singing


​Belt high notes SAFELY!


​Expand your vocal range


​Sing vibrato, crescendos and legato

What Others Are Saying:


​Luis Munoz ​Singer

"​Learning to sing has improved my life by about 10 times. It has allowed me to sound more confident, more engaging, more melodic."

picture of candace collins in front of a microphone

​Candace Collins ​Singer

"​Matt is patient, personable, and accommodating. Total judgement-free zone! He is interested in your personal goals, and making sure you meet them."

​Fernando Marri ​Singer/Songwriter

"​I was looking for voice lessons for a long time and I’m very confident I found the best teacher in Austin."

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