Can I Learn to Sing Over Skype?

If you live too far away from your voice teacher or feel more comfortable taking a lesson in the comfort of your home, there is good news. Ramsey Voice Studio is one of a growing number of vocal studios that teaches over Skype.

Nearly everyone certified with the Institute for Vocal Advancement has taught or been taught over Skype. CEO of IVA, Jeffrey Skouson, estimates that nearly 50% the of lessons he teaches are on Skype.

And here’s the scary thing: it works!

I know a musician who swore he would never take a lesson over the computer because he feared something would be lost if he wasn’t in the same room as the teacher.

Taking this as an opportunity, I challenged that same musician to take a virtual lesson and he was amazed at how well a voice lesson translates digitally.

The truth is, it may be the only way some students can take lessons. I have students in Los Angeles, Colorado, and Central America. And even though I teach voice lessons in Austin, TX, there are many students who drive to me from an hour away.

My colleague Monique Thomas-Ottaviani is based in France but teaches via Skype constantly. She explains:

“I have days when I don’t see anybody in person. And that’s pretty often.

I love [Skype] because I have access to people I would never have access to and they have access to me. That keeps me on my toes.”

If you’ve ever considered taking lessons, but are skeptical about learning over Skype, watch my student’s progress in our first Skype lesson together.

She’s taking lessons from Nairobi, Kenya.

Can I Learn to Sing Over Skype?

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve never taken a lesson with me because I’m too far away or you feel more comfortable in your own home, sign up for a Skype appointment and see what you’ve been missing!

The future is NOW and technology is your friend!

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