How Long Should I Practice Singing?

You’re super psyched to be taking voice lessons!

Your energy is great, you’ve set goals and we’ve begun to work on your voice in lessons.

But if you feel like you’ve hit a wall physically and you’re not getting as much out of your practice as you put in, it’s time to ask yourself: How Much Practice is Too Much?

How Much Practice is Too Much?

As a voice teacher, I have students ask me all the time about how they can practice better.

As it turns out, good practice is really a science.

In the performance science field it has been studied and observed for decades to determine what works and what doesn’t.

I turned to Daniel Coyle’s fantastic book, “The Talent Code”, for guidance and applied the principles from his book to create 5 scientifically proven steps to maximize your vocal practice.

How to Optimize Your Singing Practice

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  • by Zori Sinclaire Posted August 23, 2016 12:08 am

    Nice website! I personally don’t sing myself but what your doing is kinda intresting. I know someone who does like to sing, il ask her of she’d be intreted.

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