Singing Lesson Preparation: How to Get Ready

Unfortunately, our time together is brief.

Even an hour lesson with some singers is barely enough.

Many of my students ask how they can properly warm up before their lesson so they can use the time we DO have most efficiently.

Here’s my best advice about warming up before our lesson!

Getting the Most Out of Your Lesson

In addition to warming up before class, make sure to review the recording of the previous class.

Listening to your old recordings can be a humbling experience.

But there is wisdom to be found every time you cringe when you listen to yourself.

I had the great fortune of coming upon some of my demo recordings from 6 years ago when I was living in San Francisco.

This was before I’d ever taken a voice lesson and I was nuts about songwriting.

At the time, I was writing and recording one song a day. I did this for one month.

I called it the Demo a Day challenge and I uploaded the new song every night.

I would wake up, go to work, get home, write a song, record it, upload it and fall asleep.

I learned a staggering amount about how to manipulate your creative force.

I realized that there was no such thing as creative block.

All you had to do was force yourself to sit down and write a crappy song.

But let me tell you; your ear has never been more sharply attuned than when you are listening to your younger self on a recording.

When I listen to those recordings now, I don’t think about the songs, I just hear my vocal and guitar mistakes.

But I also hear what I would do differently now.

When you are in the midst of creating something new, you’re often perplexed with the feeling that something is wrong, something doesn’t flow, or something just feels strange.

This is where voice lessons come in handy.

In a voice lesson, you will always have an expert ear to hear what that strangeness is.

In a couple years’ time, you won’t believe the mistakes you will hear on those old recordings.

But more importantly, you will know how to fix them.

A man who realizes his mistake and does not correct it is guilty of two mistakes.

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