150 Vocal Songs for Altos, Mezzos and Sopranos

150 Vocal Songs for Altos, Mezzos and Sopranos

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Here is the preview page for the song “Into the Unknown” as performed by Idina Menzel.

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Notes from Matt

Style – This standout single from Frozen 2 is one of Idina Menzel’s masterpieces. This incredibly advanced belting song is perfect for sopranos that are looking to challenge themselves with something that really pushes for vocal stamina and agility. Switching from a breathy spoken tone in the introductory verses all the way to belting open vowels off the charts through the chorus, Into the Unknown challenges even veteran singers.

Melody – The melody of Into the Unknown starts easily enough in the middle and top part of the chest voice for the first verse. However things quickly get incredibly difficult at the appearance of the chorus starting with a jump from a Bb3 all the way up to a Bb4. Jumping the distance
of an octave without losing any vocal quality is incredibly difficult. From there Idina just goes even higher singing all the way up to the Eb5 above it on the word “known”. It’s also worth pointing out that the “oohs” in the background at the very beginning start on Gb5 which is even higher than the highest note of the chorus.

Area – Into the Unknown takes a lot of different vocal registers and combines them very quickly from a breathy light chest voice through a very belted first passage and even creeping into the second passage on the Eb5 above it.

Range – With a range of an octave and a minor 6th, Into the Unknown certainly has its work cut out for the singer; primarily because it spends so much time on the sustained highest pitches with open vowels. Certainly most singers will look at the range and give a sigh of relief thinking that they don’t have to sing too low or too incredibly high. But it’s the amount of time that you spend in those places that really hurts in this song!

Takeaways – The trick in a song like Into the Unknown is to find a belty mix rather than just pulling chest voice all the way up. Singing with a pulled chest voice will certainly become problematic in even the most advanced singer by the time you get up to the Eb5. It may be possible on the Bb4 in the chorus, but instead I would encourage you to try it on an exercise such as a bratty “Nae” as in “nasty” before going to the lyrics.

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